This is my own boat, which I am including as an example of the small craft I have built.

I had spent a long time looking for a design of boat that would do many things. Apart form looking sweet, it had to be able to row and sail well, have a simple rig and layout and be light enough to be pulled up on a beach for camping.

The design is a Swampscott Dory which is a pedigree derived originally from the Dories used for long lining cod on the grand banks off Nova Scotia.

After lofting her lines and making the building jig, construction of the hull was quite quick as she is made of marine plywood "planks" glued together with epoxy resin. The fitting out used oak for the capping rail, ash for thwarts, Oregon pine for the mast, and spruce oars. This made a very strong light weight boat with a draft of only 6", perfect for exploring the higher reaches of estuaries and rivers.