Rabley Spiral Staircase


As seen on “Grand Designs”

The stairs were built to fit into a new timber framed house by the architect Timothy Bennett and featured in the "Grand Designs" series on Channel 4.

The building is modern with a zinc barreled roof and the stairs are the focal point of the light open interior.

As with all Matt's projects there was a close involvement with the clients Andrew and Meryl throughout the build. Pictures were emailed regularly to illustrate the progress and visits to the workshop meant that they could understand the complexity of the build and any modifications could be made early on. The result of this teamwork is that the stairs fitted first time and expensive design changes were avoided.

The Grand Designs programme featuring these spiral stairs was first broadcast on 4th March 2009 and a more detailed description of the construction can be gained by looking at the sequence of images on the gallery page or by visiting Matt's Picasa album.