Margueritte Explorer


Margueritte began life as a Danish fishing boat back in 1934 and was strongly built with a lovely sheer and pretty stern. I first encountered her in 1990 when her enthusiastic owner Chris Swann brought her back to Cornwall. The plan was to convert into a sailing gaff rigged ketch, for use initially in chartering holidays in the Hebrides.

Over a period of six months I was lucky enough to work with a great team and she went through an amazing transformation.

We had a workshop close to the dock in Charlestown and our blacksmith was able to custom make all the fittings when ever we needed them. I was mainly involved with building the interior, which started with putting in deck beams to support the new coach house and hatches. Work could then start in the foc'stle which had eight elm bunks, and paneling the main saloon in quarter sawn oak.