Droleen II


Droleen II is a 33′6″ LOA Brittany class sloop, designed by Laurent Giles, and built in 1948. This project was slightly different from normal as the boat was taken to the owner's property, where he was involved in managing the project.

It worked very well; a shipwright was employed on site, and with the help of drawings by the owner Tim Bennett and templates, I was able to make the interior joinery back at my workshop which was more efficient.

To keep the integrity of the original build, much of the woodwork was restored rather than replaced, so that her history remains evident.

The interior picture shows some of my work; the louvered lockers were a new addition giving good ventilation. These were set in a framework that fitted to the hull in such a way that easy access to the frames and hull is possible. I also made a new saloon table that is foldable and takes little room when at sea.